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The Need for Speed: 2022 Payment Trends

January 6, 2022
Average Read Time: 7 minutes

Technology has conditioned people to get what they want – quickly. No one works, studies, or shops at slow speeds any longer. Search,... Read More

B2B Ecommerce: Big and Getting Bigger

December 16, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Business buyers continue to step up their digital purchasing, using the web to identify and evaluate new suppliers and place orders at... Read More

NetSuite Users: Choosing the Right Payment Processor

November 18, 2021
Average Read Time: 2 minutes

The payment processing ecosystem includes hundreds of providers – more than 1,000 card processors alone, according to various sources.... Read More

How to Restore Profits Lost to Matching Your Own Online Pricing

October 7, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

You’ve opened a webstore to complement your brick-and-mortar women’s clothing shop. A customer comes in and chooses a shirt to buy. But... Read More

5 Ways to Expand Your Digital Footprint – and Increase Sales

August 19, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

The past 18 months have left little untouched – including B2B sales. Self-service and sales via the web have been critical during... Read More

5 Ways to Improve Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates — and Increase Sales

July 15, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Shopping cart abandonment: as online consumers, we’ve all done it for a variety of reasons. Browsing, adding items to a cart, and then... Read More

Customer Experience for a New World

March 18, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

Back in the olden days – fall 2020 – we wrote a blog post and participated in a podcast about customer experience (CX). One of the... Read More

Technology Both Big and Small Drives Manufacturers Down the Road to Recovery

March 4, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 MINUTES

In manufacturing, turning a profit often focuses on controlling costs in every aspect of the process: reducing labor costs, improving... Read More

3 Ways Technology Can Bring Personal Services Back to Life

January 28, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

So, you want to start a personal services business, or grow the one you already have? Your timing is pretty good. After the coronavirus... Read More

Payments 2021: Easier, Faster, and Always Changing – Part 1

January 14, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Would the payments industry have changed in the past year without the global pandemic? In a word: yes. Would it have changed as... Read More