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September 22, 2022
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We’re on a mission to give business owners like you the power to choose. That means giving you more options to maximize cash flow. And throughout the years, we’ve integrated with leading-edge technology and products like NetSuite to deliver a comprehensive platform that makes managing cash flow easy and efficient. 

When our customers ask us for additional features and functionality, we listen and take action. We also keep an eye on industry trends to learn how to take those solutions even further. Together, we are redefining the future of payments. Here’s a look at the latest features we recently rolled out that make running a business with NetSuite—big or small—a breeze in today’s digital environment.  

7 Most Requested Features 

1. Link-to-pay

If you can send electronic invoices via email or text, then you should also be able to pay them with a click of a button. So we introduced link-to-pay to make it easier for customers to self-pay online from any invoice or quote created within NetSuite. 

Link-to-pay is easy and requires no developer help to get started. It works by embedding a link on the customer’s invoice that seamlessly redirects customers to a secure payment page when clicked. And since it's integrated into your NetSuite instance, the dashboard automatically reconciles payments once completed. 

2. ACH 

ACH payments may have been around since the late 1960s, but technological advancements have pushed this payment option to the limelight. Because it enables businesses to transfer money from one account to another without credit cards, it saves money on every transaction and provides yet another convenient payment option for customers. 

Given the increased popularity of this payment choice, we’ve made it possible for merchants to offer this to their customers. ACH for Suite Payments offers businesses like yours automated reconciliation on one NetSuite screen, accelerating cash flow compared to checks and more. 

3. Recurring Billing

In 2016, CEO Tien Tzu of Zuora predicted the rise of the subscription economy. Businesses and customers would enter a long-term relationship where customers pay for services rather than physical products. Fast-forward to today, and accelerated by the pandemic, almost anything from food delivery services to paying your utilities can be converted into a subscription service. 

We saw the trend and developed this capability for our customers. With recurring billing, NetSuite users can accept customer payments for products or services at predefined intervals. Think weekly, monthly or custom intervals. How’s that for convenience? 

4. Invoice Grouping 

Let’s face it. Neither you nor your customer wants to submit or review multiple invoices that could have been consolidated into one. So we removed the headache and the hassle of tracking down payments by enabling users to combine multiple invoices into one invoice for a single payment. Customers get more flexibility in how they pay. You have one less thing to track. 

5. New Card-Present Solution 

Have multiple line-item transactions, but your current POS system can’t keep up with the volume? Don’t worry. There’s a new solution available to you. Say hello to POS—a native NetSuite bundle built and run 100% on your NetSuite account. Compared to the competition, POS powered by In8Sync was developed to solve speed and volume issues that may negatively impact your card-present transactions.

6. Surcharging 

Looking for a way to offset the overhead of accepting credit card payments? Then you might want to consider surcharging. Not only does this allow you to keep interchange fees at bay, but it can come in handy during uncertain times. With SuitePayments, you can now add a percentage-based fee to any transaction amount at the point of sale.

7. International Payment Acceptance

Business owners like you shouldn’t be limited by their geographic location to deliver solutions that power the world. So we are removing those barriers by partnering with BlueSnap to provide you with a reliable, secure option for international payments. Now integrated with NetSuite, businesses can enjoy streamlined processing without dealing with cross-border fees for international transactions. 

And there you have it. The most requested features that are reshaping how business gets done.

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