MerchantE Invoice Link

Get faster access to your funds with the click of a button

Instead of manually inputting payments or processing paper checks, NetSuite users can accelerate their accounts receivable with MerchantE's Invoice Link. You can easily add a "Pay Now" link directly to your invoices and quotes, allowing you to get paid faster and better manage your cash flow.

  • e13748298cfb23c19fdfd134a2221e7b Spend less time following up with customers
  • image Reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO) 
  • EPP Icons No More Mailing Reduce the cost and headaches associated with manual entry and paper checks
  • EPP Icons Integrates Increase customer satisfaction
  • EPP Icons No New Account Provide an easy and secure way for customers to pay

Start simplifying customer-initiated payments with MerchantE Invoice Link. Get started today!

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Oracle NetSuite + MerchantE

Together, You Can Do More

Are you spending too much time reconciling payments and importing reports in NetSuite? Luckily, MerchantE can help you save time and money by giving you access to our all-in-one merchant services, right within your NetSuite environment. Our unique capabilities can help you:

  • Get cost-saving options for B2B and B2G transactions

  • Send e-invoices and accept online payments

  • Consolidate reporting

  • Reconcile transactions in minutes

  • Streamline buying experiences 

Save the headache of managing two different systems and doing double the work. MerchantE is here to offer you a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to accept payments in NetSuite.

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Money INTM

Accepting all types of payments has never been easier, and getting you paid has never been quicker.


More options for how and when you pay people. From pay-on-demand to reimbursements—you set the pace.


Grow faster with new tools to maximize your cash flow. Be prepared for unexpected expenses or launch your new ventures.

The software you trust and the most advanced capabilities altogether.

The Power to Do More to Grow Your Business

Our end-to-end Payment Platform gives you the flexibility and security you need as your business grows. The result? Better options, fewer hassles, and more time to spend with your customers.