Oracle NetSuite + MerchantE.
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We've been partners for more than a decade.
Nobody knows SuitePayments like we know SuitePayments.


NetSuite users value our unique capabilities...

embedded for faster, more automated, and secure payment processing. No programming required.

  • Streamlined Accounts Receivables Send e-invoices, accept online payments, and update customer records.
  • Automated reconciliation Reconcile transactions with bank deposits within NetSuite.
  • Cost-saving options for B2B and B2G transactions Take advantage of Level II and Level III processing on eligible transactions for lower fees and more comprehensive reporting.
  • Improved customer and employee experiences Import card data from legacy billing and external commerce platforms with tokenization for consolidated reporting and streamlined buying experiences.

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Reconciliation with MerchantE is 100% better than our previous system. What took 30-45 minutes to reconcile before, is now done in a minute or two.

So Much More Than Payment Processing

Our new Money INTM, Money OUTTM, Money MAXTM approach goes beyond traditional credit card and ACH processing. We offer game-changing ways to make your business even more competitive, right within your NetSuite environment. Here are a few examples:

  • Get paid faster and securelyEnable your customers to pay invoices electronically through a secure payment form.
  • Attract employees by paying them fasterPay employees on demand with EmployeePlus PayoutsSM. Get an edge in today’s labor market with this key benefit for hourly, gig, contract, and tip-based workers.
  • Eliminate expense reports and cash advancesTurn RE-imbursements into PRE-ImbursementsSM by applying a pending credit to the employee’s personal card with rules for how they can spend it.
  • Access your money fasterGet your transactions deposited in hours with true Same Day Funding or get advance access to your expected transactions with our Pre-Funding (coming soon), pre-approval required.

No hassle and great flexibility – what’s not to like?

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