March 12, 2021

Digital Transactions: MerchantE Teams With UnionPay to Boost Approval Rates

By linking directly to UnionPay’s SecurePlus two-factor authentication application, digital-commerce platform provider Merchant e-Solutions Inc. expects to significantly reduce decline rates for UnionPay debit card transactions in the United States. 

digital-transactions-logoDecline rates are an especially nettlesome issue for UnionPay debit card holders, who account for about 60% of UnionPay’s 9 billion cards, as debit cards can only be used in the UnionPay network and in networks that have direct links to UnionPay, such as Payscout LLC, which is the engine behind SecurePlus. Overall, decline rates on UnionPay credit and debit cards can be as high 70%, depending on the type of transaction, the network being used, and whether two-factor authentication is involved.

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