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Accepting all types of payments has never been easier, and getting you paid has never been quicker.

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More options for how and when you pay people. From pay-on-demand to reimbursements—you set the pace.

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Grow faster with new tools to maximize your cash flow. Be prepared for unexpected expenses or launch your new ventures.

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Our end-to-end Payment Platform gives you the flexibility and security you need as your business grows. The result? Better options, fewer hassles, and more time to spend with your customers.

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Client stories

We can store the credit card information and process it in batches. With so many recurring customers, having that information at our fingertips has been a game changer.
Courtney Treweek
Controller - Michelson Found Animals Foundation
Reconciliation with MerchantE is 100% better than our previous system. Before if you had 500 credit card payments, that could take 30-45 minutes, but with MerchantE you can have it done in a minute or two.
Walter Goracke
Senior Payments Analyst - Sojern
The transition was so quick, I think it was hours from coming off the old system to the new system. MerchantE was already natively integrated, and it was an easy process to switch. It did not affect our business; we had business continuity. We started benefitting from the system within a day.
Mo Aminian
CEO - Aminian Business Services