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Bridging the Digital Divide in Small Business

December 3, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

Small businesses are an integral part of our community, but unfortunately, they face challenges that are harder to overcome than it... Read More

It’s Your Money. Why Wait Longer to Access It?

November 19, 2020
Average Read Time: 2 minutes

Small business: it’s great being the boss, but it comes with challenges, too. Small businesses (fewer than 500 employees) are hailed as... Read More

Think Your Business Is Too Small for Payroll Software? Think Again

November 12, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

Many businesses tout their employees as their most valuable asset. But how do they show that they really mean it? By naming an employee... Read More

Omnichannel Commerce: Not Just for Retailers Any Longer

November 5, 2020
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

It seems that every business topic these days—almost any topic, really—is framed in terms of the global pandemic. Businesses that are... Read More

Gearing Up for Online Shopping During the Holidays and Beyond

October 29, 2020
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Be prepared. It’s a good motto for retailers during today’s pandemic, particularly as we head into this year’s critically different... Read More

Making the Most of Small Business Saturday®

October 22, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

The stakes are always high for the retail industry during the end-of-year holiday shopping extravaganza. With the pandemic devastating... Read More

The Customer Experience: Program or Project?

October 15, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

Recently, our very own SVP of Operations, Mike Vaughn, spoke with about the transformation of the customer experience (CX).... Read More

Modernizing the Way You Move Money Out

October 8, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

For the past five months, MerchantE has been publishing blog posts covering a wide range of topics, such as: E-commerce website Hosted... Read More

Part 2: Stronger Expense Management Optimizes the Way You Move Money OUT™

October 1, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

As we discussed in part one of the series, efficient management of your cash flow, including payroll, not only helps your business... Read More

Part 1: A Better Way to Manage Your Cash Flow, Starting with Payroll

September 24, 2020
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

According to research by U.S. Bank, 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. While businesses naturally turn first to... Read More