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Is Your Payment Processor Secure? 5 Questions to Ask Today

October 14, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

One of our recent blog posts discussed what merchants can do to protect payment card data and help prevent fraud in the face of rising... Read More

How to Restore Profits Lost to Matching Your Own Online Pricing

October 7, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

You’ve opened a webstore to complement your brick-and-mortar women’s clothing shop. A customer comes in and chooses a shirt to buy. But... Read More

When It Comes to Payments, Convenience – Not Cash – Is King

September 30, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

In news that probably won’t surprise you, we’re all working harder than ever. According to a new survey by virtual private network... Read More

What Are You Waiting For? Why You Should Offer On-Demand Paychecks Today

September 23, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

  Having trouble making ends meet between paychecks isn’t a new problem. But technology now offers a new solution to it: real-time... Read More

Accept UnionPay and Serve Chinese Consumers – and the World

September 16, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

Recently seen at a McDonald’s in Roswell, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta: a sticker promoting acceptance of UnionPay cards posted in the... Read More

To Increase Sales, Promote Payment Options Early and Often

August 26, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

If you’re a merchant, you may already know that offering multiple payment methods can boost sales – in some cases, by nearly 30%, one... Read More

5 Ways to Expand Your Digital Footprint – and Increase Sales

August 19, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

The past 18 months have left little untouched – including B2B sales. Self-service and sales via the web have been critical during... Read More

The Gig Economy: A New Way to Work, A New Need to Pay (Fast)

August 12, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Part-time job. Temp work. Side hustle. Whatever you call it, non-traditional and supplementary employment has been around in different... Read More

8 Reasons Why You Should Offer Text-to-Pay

August 5, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

You know you’re on your smartphone a lot. If you track screen time, as many do, you’re well aware of how much you’re texting, posting... Read More

Merchants, Take Charge: You Can Help Prevent Payment Card Fraud

July 29, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

By now, even the not-so-aware know that ecommerce soared in the past year. After all, if they don’t read the news or appreciate the... Read More