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final-invoicelink-tablet (1)Remove the hassle of spending countless hours on manual entries and paper checks with automated processing. Not only will you get paid faster, but you’ll also gain instant peace of mind when you have more visibility into your cash flow.

MerchantE Invoice Link supercharges accounts receivables by automating invoicing – empowering you to grow smarter and faster.

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Oracle NetSuite + MerchantE. Together, You Can Do More

MerchantE provides a financial technology platform that drives digital commerce and supports the money management needs of growing businesses. We have partnered with NetSuite to bring you a solution that helps you access funds faster and gives you more visibility into your cash flow.

Our new Money INTM, Money OUTTM, Money MAXTM approach goes beyond traditional credit card and ACH processing. We offer game-changing ways to make your business even more competitive, right within your NetSuite environment. 

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Reconciliation with MerchantE is 100% better than our previous system. Before if you had 500 credit card payments, that could take you 30-45 minutes, but with MerchantE you can have it done in a minute or two.

Walter Goracke Senior Payments Analyst - Sojern

walter goracke - sojern