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Transform Your Merchant Services Program with MerchantE

When your business is ready to transform from a traditional merchant services program to an innovative financial model, like payment facilitation, MerchantE is your one-stop shop. We can help you provide your customers a complete software and payment acceptance experience while you generate a recurring revenue stream by offering easy access to payment processing as part of your core solution.

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Brand your company throughout the entire customer journey

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Embed payments into your solution 

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Receive expert payments and compliance guidance

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Optimize your portfolio management

What is a Payment Facilitator?

A payment facilitator holds a master merchant identification number (MID) with the processor, which allows them to open sub-merchant accounts. They own the entire merchant experience and the authority and capability of allowing other businesses to accept payments under their merchant umbrella.

After evaluating a few key criteria to assess acceptable risk, payment facilitators can quickly turn on new merchants as sub-accounts allowing these merchants to start accepting payments immediately. The merchants no longer need to go through lengthy underwriting processes with 3rd parties to acquire their own MID since their account will be a sub-account of the payment facilitator.

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Become a Payment Facilitator When You are Ready

Becoming a payment facilitator is a strategic step for businesses seeking a lucrative, value-added alternative to conventional merchant service options. If you are not ready to become a payment facilitator you can start as a referral partner — then migrate when the time is right for your business. 

Our platform offers next-generation financial technology that enables businesses to integrate payments even further into their products and solutions. It opens the door for businesses to control the users’ entire onboarding and customer experience while earning additional revenue on every transaction.

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Why Consider Becoming a Payment Facilitator?



Earn additional revenue

Monetize every transaction flowing through your platform or portfolio. Create a new revenue stream by earning a percentage of the sub-merchants’ transactions through processing fees and sub-merchant pricing that you establish. These earnings add up fast, especially as more and more sub-merchants are onboarded. This can quickly contribute to an uptick in top-line revenue.

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Optimize the user experience

Customers expect quick, simple, and intuitive user experiences. Payment facilitators control the entire onboarding and customer experience for their users – including payment acceptance! The step of recommending or referring clients to a 3rd party payment processor is now eliminated. Having this process streamlined eases obstacles and gives customers fewer points of contact to manage their use of your solution.

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Offer a more valuable solution

Create a more valuable solution by removing unnecessary steps and 3rd party friction for your clients. Promote the quick and easy process of getting payments up and running to attract new customers who appreciate fewer moving parts as they adopt new software. By speeding up the overall onboarding and payments acceptance process, you can deliver a better solution that meets more clients’ needs, while increasing the valuation of your business through innovation and recurring revenue.

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Gain customer loyalty

Optimize the user experience for your clients by delivering a comprehensive onboarding experience that is intuitive, streamlined, and fast. Better user experience contributes to increased customer loyalty and allows businesses to further integrate into a client’s overall business operations.

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Who is a Good Fit for the Payment Facilitator Model?

Hundreds of software companies and other businesses are already registered as payment facilitators in the United States alone, and many more are moving in this direction. This model is a strategic way for software businesses to increase revenue, improve their solution and control the entire payments experience, making onboarding faster and more user-friendly.

Here are a few examples of the types of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or software businesses that are providing this model:


Ecommerce platforms


Business management software


Invoicing software


Healthcare software


Order management software


Fundraising and donor management software


Booking platforms


Travel and ticketing software


Delivery software

Sports management


Team or group software


Member or Club management software


Event platforms

University and K-12 School management software


eLearning software programs


Property management software


Field service management software

What is the Right Fit for Your Business?

MerchantE has a robust set of financial capabilities ready to fit your businesses’ specific needs. With over 20 years of experience delivering innovative financial technology services, we are ready to find the right model for your business.

Complete the form below to begin the conversation on finding the right solution for your business. Whether your needs require a payment facilitation platform or a traditional partner program to optimize your business, connect with us below and let’s get started today.

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