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Recurring Payments: Convenience at Your Fingertips

October 24, 2023

Are you seeking a way to boost efficiency, profit, and customer happiness in your business? Recurring payments, also known as... Read More

The Need for Speed: 2022 Payment Trends

January 6, 2022
Average Read Time: 7 minutes

Technology has conditioned people to get what they want – quickly. No one works, studies, or shops at slow speeds any longer. Search,... Read More

B2B Ecommerce: Big and Getting Bigger

December 16, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

Business buyers continue to step up their digital purchasing, using the web to identify and evaluate new suppliers and place orders at... Read More

NetSuite Users: Choosing the Right Payment Processor

November 18, 2021
Average Read Time: 2 minutes

The payment processing ecosystem includes hundreds of providers – more than 1,000 card processors alone, according to various sources.... Read More

Understanding Level 2 and Level 3 Payment Processing for B2B Transactions

October 28, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 MINUTES

In the last two years, many businesses have made the leap from paper checks to electronic payments completed via ACH. B2B use of ACH... Read More

Is Your Payment Processor Secure? 5 Questions to Ask Today

October 14, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

One of our recent blog posts discussed what merchants can do to protect payment card data and help prevent fraud in the face of rising... Read More

How to Restore Profits Lost to Matching Your Own Online Pricing

October 7, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

You’ve opened a webstore to complement your brick-and-mortar women’s clothing shop. A customer comes in and chooses a shirt to buy. But... Read More

To Increase Sales, Promote Payment Options Early and Often

August 26, 2021
Average Read Time: 3 minutes

If you’re a merchant, you may already know that offering multiple payment methods can boost sales – in some cases, by nearly 30%, one... Read More

Merchants, Take Charge: You Can Help Prevent Payment Card Fraud

July 29, 2021
Average Read Time: 5 minutes

By now, even the not-so-aware know that ecommerce soared in the past year. After all, if they don’t read the news or appreciate the... Read More

Faster, Cheaper, Better: Integrating Payment Processing with ERP

July 22, 2021
Average Read Time: 4 minutes

You know the old saying: if you want something that’s fast, cheap, and good, think again. You can have two, but not all three. Well,... Read More