November 30, 2020 FinTechs Prove Their Value During Pandemic

At a time when surging coronavirus counts are once again muddying the outlook for consumers and business owners, MerchantE Chief Financial Officer Shim Steinmetz says the crisis has also provided a silver lining of sorts to nimble FinTechs that can solve merchants’ cash crunch problems. He told Karen Webster recently that smart FinTechs will listen to customers, take the market’s pulse and deliver the reasonably priced services that merchants need right now.

PYMNTS logo“An analytic partnership with your FinTech and payments provider is going to be key — especially as we’re heading into the next couple months of darkness, with COVID spiking and customers staying indoors,” Steinmetz said. “Their spend behavior — at least on-site — is going to change.”

Steinmetz said there’s a big opportunity for FinTechs to provide analytics that make it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to understand their businesses.

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