June 4, 2021

PYMNTS.com: The eInvoice Evolves In A Shifting B2B eCommerce World

With B2B commerce embracing the jump into digital, the sourcing and procurement process is beginning to look a lot more like online shopping does for consumers. 

PYMNTS logoFor years, B2B commerce has been in pursuit of the "Amazon-like experience" — a goal that extends into the B2B payments process, too, with businesses in need of more seamless and efficient tools to both send and receive funds.

But that pursuit can quickly hit a roadblock as soon as vendors recognize that B2B trade cannot exactly follow the consumer commerce journey. Rather, businesses' buying, selling and payments needs can be quite dissimilar to those of individuals, with far greater complexities that require tailored solutions.

Mike Rouse, CEO of MerchantE, recently told PYMNTS that achieving an Amazon-like experience shouldn't necessarily look like an exact copy of consumer commerce flows.

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