December 4, 2020 Embedded Payments Build Flexibility For Merchants

We’ll be happy, all of us, to leave 2020 in the rearview mirror. But for payments, the new year will dawn with a combination of disruption and innovation.

PYMNTS logoTo that end, as MerchantE Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Sandra Blair said in an interview with Karen Webster, the future of payments in 2021 brings omnichannel commerce to the forefront, where merchants still interact with people face to face, or online-only, or a combination of the two … but with constants: embedded payments (which benefit consumers and B2B interactions alike) and, for merchants, same-day funding.

Capturing Resilient Consumer Spending 

At a high level, the consumer is proving resilient (and Blair noted that even B2B spend, across the MerchantE platform, has been on the upswing).

“In some cases, the physical point of sale terminal is still necessary, but that’s not where all the flow is going,” said Blair, as ultimately the consumer determines the endpoint where he or she receives goods and services.

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