June 11, 2020

PYMNTS.com: MerchantE Debuts New Payments Services

Digital commerce platform Merchant eSolutions has rebranded to simply MerchantE, which a press release says reflects a commitment by the company to offer more choices, more transparency and better money management tools.PYMTS

The company will offer new services titled MoneyIn, MoneyOut and MoneyMax, according to the release. The services are designed for companies looking at how money flows in and out of their businesses and how to analyze the data to make the best financial decisions.

Among the new features offered by MerchantE are pre-imbursements, allowing companies to pre-authorize payments to a company card with flexible customization options, “EmployeePlus payouts” which allow for payments of wages, tips and rewards in real time, and hosted payments that allow for branded payments on a company’s website for extra security.

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