September 17, 2020 Why The Customer Experience Is A Program, Not A Project

The pandemic has reshaped how we interact with merchants — and what we expect, as customers, from those increasingly digital interactions.

Call it the transformation of CX, shorthand for the customer experience.PYMTS

In an interview with PYMNTS, Mike Vaughn, senior vice president of operations at eCommerce and financial services platform MerchantE, said merchants must adapt, or risk losing business.

It’s not enough that the CX be secure — though that’s critically important, of course. The CX must also be speedy and seamless, and for the merchants themselves, digital in a way that helps them make their own “money management” efforts more efficient as they digitize their own banking and accounting activities.

Vaughn noted, “Customer experience is just a broad term and oftentimes businesses and organizations treat it as a project when it really should be looked at as a program.”

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