April 2, 2021

Atlanta Trend Features MerchantE's Sandra Blair

Many people have worked both as a consultant and a company operator, but few have been as successful at doing both as Sandra Blair. Blair, a Senior Director at restructuring firm Alvarez &Marsal, is currently working full time for client MerchantE, a full-service payment processor based in Atlanta. The transformational change instituted by Sandra and her team has reshaped the company and brought increased profits and growth.

logo“The payments and fintech industry today are in a unique position,” says Sandra. “To be a successful consultant in payments now you have to be an experienced operator and to be a successful operator, you have to be an effective consultant. The state of the industry demands both.”

Sandra Blair was born and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attending local schools and college within the state. She first became acquainted with financial technology while working part-time for BHC Brokerage while in high school. At the age of 15, she wrote diagnostic software with her doctor father and started a small business that sold ten years later to Elsevier. For college, she attended Penn State, where she was a member of the women’s swim team.

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