May 11, 2021

MerchantE Establishes Sponsor Bank Relationship with Fresno First

Extends Services to Emerging and High-Risk Businesses

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (May 11, 2021) – MerchantE, a leading end-to-end digital commerce platform, has established a new sponsor bank relationship with Fresno First Bank that will allow the company to offer payment processing services to businesses that traditionally have been labelled as high-risk.

“Our relationship with Fresno First Bank allows us to expand our merchant portfolio into markets that have had a difficult time finding support from a payment processor,” says Mike Rouse, Chief Executive Officer at MerchantE. “Fresno First is very responsive to emerging markets, which will help us extend our services to those businesses that were previously underserved. We’re looking forward to building our relationship with our new sponsor bank and with clients in new industries.”

Sponsor banks are unique in the types of businesses they will accept from a payment processor. The relationship with Fresno First means that MerchantE can expand its services to companies in such markets as CBD, firearms and ammunition, telemed and pharmacies, credit repair, online gaming and online marketplaces. Such high-risk businesses generally have more difficulty establishing banking and payment processing relationships. For more information about services available to these markets, please visit

About MerchantE
MerchantE provides a financial technology platform that drives digital commerce and supports the money management needs of growing businesses. Its customers gain a competitive advantage with their services to revolutionize the way they bring money in, move money out, and make money decisions. MerchantE helps their partners by offering tools and revenue streams to integrate, self-brand, refer, or resell their products and services. MerchantE has 300+ employees and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.


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